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VeriSM course with IT chapter

Have you heard about VeriSM™ and why should you care?

As an IT or Business professional, have you heard about Agile, Lean or Six Sigma, COBIT, DevOps, PMBOK, or other...

(Français) GDPR : La nouvelle donne pour les informations personnelles !

Sorry, this entry is only available in French.

Paris hosted BRMP training in french

BRMP – Paris, the City of Lights

This week, Paris, the City of Lights, hosted the first global BRMP training completely in French! After the BRMP certification...

Business Relationships: Diagnose Failure

When the Blame Game Begins: The Five ‘Whys’ of Strained Business Relationships

Your business partner is dissatisfied. You begin observing signs of strain in your relationship: there is finger-pointing, defensiveness, even passive-aggressive...

Accreditation Partner Business Relationship management Institute

TOP 5 things you need to know about doing BRM the right way

Article is based on Business Relationship Management Institute’s guidance. At IT Chapter, we deliver customizable IT consulting services, which fit our clients’...

Let’s follow common sense instead of ITIL Best Practices! Really?

IT professionals are sometimes labeled as being either outdated or too theoretical by referring to ITIL books or practicing ITIL. I...

people fail to absorb ITIL strategies in company

Will your ITIL/ITSM Initiatives Fail?

Practitioner Advices to IT Leaders Today, most organizations place a high importance on technology, as they allocate budgets and resources...

people following communication principle 3

Communication Principles Successful BRMPs Swear By (Part III)

Persuasion and communication go hand in hand, as they serve a common goal: to determine people actions either actively or...

Business decision making table

What you need to know about Service Management Excellence

If there was ever a critical time for IT and Business structures to work together, that time would surely be...

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